Test your Disney Super Bowl knowledge!

Who was the first MVP featured in a Disney Super Bowl ad?

Was it:

A: Dan Marino

B: Phil Simms

C: John Elway

It was Phil Simms

In 1987, the New York Giants beat the Denver Broncos.

In 1991, the Disney Super Bowl ad featured a dedication to who?

Was it:

A: The troops

B: The fans

C: The coach

It was the troops

The famous line "I'm going to DIsney World!" was replaced to honor Gulf War soldiers.

Who tweeted at 17yo about winning the Super Bowl and going to Disney World?

Was it:

A: Jared Goff

B: Patrick Mahomes

C: Deebo Samuel

It was Patrick Mahomes

A real-life Disney dream come true, NFL style.

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