Disney’s Live Action The Little Mermaid Merchandise Roundup

Little Mermaid merchandise

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The Little Mermaid is making a splash on the big screen once again with the highly anticipated Disney live action film adaptation set to release May 26, 2023. As the excitement builds, so does the collecting of whozits and whatzits galore by fans seeking out the newest Little Mermaid merchandise created for the 2023 Disney remake.

The Little Mermaid 2023 movie poster
Image: Disney

As one of the most buzzworthy Disney live action remakes, fans have been eagerly awaiting their chance to see the reimagining of this classic story.

So to tide you over until then (no pun intended), we’re rounding up the best products inspired by the new Disney live action film. From The Little Mermaid dolls and costumes to books and makeup, the variety of merchandise is a treasure trove that’s yours to explore.

Ariel and Eric
Image: Disney

For those of you looking for Little Mermaid merchandise that features characters beyond Ariel, like Vanessa or Ariel’s sisters, we’ve got you covered too!

Ursula played by Melissa McCarthy
Image: Disney

Let’s dive in for a closer look at The Little Mermaid merchandise that delivers the magic of Ariel’s story.

The Little Mermaid Park Gear

The Little Mermaid Live Action Ear Headband

Live action Ariel mouse ears
Image: Disney

With these satin padded ears in a mermaid scale print, now you can be part of Ariel’s world! The center bow is rich in oceanic blues and features Halle Bailey as Ariel. Topping it off is the bejeweled trident. These are the perfect ears to top off your Disney outfit for a day at the parks!

The Little Mermaid MagicBand+

Let Ariel be your companion as you enter Disney Parks, make purchases, and check in at Lightning Lane entrances using your MagicBand+. The beautiful design features ocean plant life in vibrant colors, turning this functional piece of gear into a striking accessory.

The Little Mermaid Toys and Collectibles

The Little Mermaid Ultimate Ariel Sisters 7-Pack Set

The Little Mermaid doll set featuring Ariel and her sisters from the live action 2023 remake, Tamika, Mala, Caspia, Karina, Perla, and Indira
Image: Amazon

This is the ultimate Little Mermaid doll set. It contains Ariel and her seven sisters: Tamika, Mala, Caspia, Karina, Perla, and Indira. Each doll is, naturally, in mermaid form and have their own unique style and design. It’s a charming collection that captures the magic of The Seven Seas.

The Little Mermaid Vanessa Doll

Little Mermaid Vanessa doll
Image: Amazon

If wickedness is more your style, Mattel has released their stunning Vanessa doll, the enigmatic human form of the notorious sea witch, Ursula. Unleash your imagination as you bring Vanessa’s villainous persona to life. Whether concocting diabolical plans or putting on an innocent facade, you can create your own narratives through play inspired by Ursula’s craftiness in The Little Mermaid.

Funko Pop! Deluxe Ariel & Friends

Ariel Funko Pop from live action remake of Disney's The Little Mermaid
Image: Amazon

We can’t talk Little Mermaid merchandise without talking about Funko Pops! Ariel is alongside her friends Scuttle, Sebastian, and Flounder, dreaming of a life out of the sea. This adorable vinyl figure stands at approximately 3.9 inches tall and is the perfect addition to any Funko Pop, Little Mermaid, or thingamabobs collection!

Limited Release Live Action The Little Mermaid Ursula Pin

Ursula’s captivating presence is captured in this limited release Disney trading pin.

Disney Little Mermaid Live Action Ariel Plush Doll

Live action Ariel plush doll from Disney
Image: Disney

Cuddle up to this sweet Ariel plush that feature’s iridescent pink detailing.

The Little Mermaid Adult Clothing

The Little Mermaid Dress

Sundress inspired by Disney's The Little Mermaid 2023 featuring bright vivid colors and a bold pattern
Image: Disney

Perfect or Spring or Summer, this dress is a burst of color and happiness. This dress features an underwater print that has floral qualities to it, making it a ideal for dressing up or down. We love the subtle inclusion of easter eggs in the print from the movie, like a spyglass and dinglehopper. Bonus? It has pockets!

Little Mermaid Live Action All-Over Print T-Shirt

All-over print shirt of live action Ariel and her sisters from The Little Mermaid
Image: Cakeworthy

This shirt would be iconic for matching Disney outfits. And best of all, you can rep all of King Triton’s daughters without having to choose only one favorite!

Ariel Spirit Jersey

Ariel spirt jersey with puffy glittery lettering for Part of Your World
Image: Disney

Disney Spirit Jerseys have seen so many designs over the years, and this one does not disappoint. The allover print mimics an underwater effect, but we can not resist the puffy glittering “Part of Your World” lettering.

The Little Mermaid Woven Shirt

The Little Mermaid aloha style shirt with fish and crabs
Image: Disney

Ariel’s buddies, Scuttle, Flounder, and Sebastian are well represented among the vivid sea life. With 100% cotton material, this shirt is perfect for the beach or Disney Cruise.

The Little Mermaid Kids Clothing

Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel Tiered Dress

Ariel kids dress
Image: Disney

Kids will love this summer-ready dress featuring jewel tone tie-dye and Ariel and Flounder graphic print.

Ariel Costume for Kids

Ariel costume for kids
Image: Disney

This Ariel dress up costume has it all: sequins, shimmering fins, and gemstone buttons on the back. You’ll be anything but a fish out of water in this getup.

The Little Mermaid Handbags and Backpacks

Loungefly The Little Mermaid Live Action Mini Backpack

Loungefly live action The Little Mermaid backpack
Image: Amazon

This bag is all about details! Embroidered seaweed, coral, and seashells surround Ariel and Flounder on the front. The magic truly comes alive as the bag catches the light, revealing iridescent details that shimmer, giving that under-the-sea effect. Cutest of all: the whimsical dinglehopper zipper charm!

The Little Mermaid Handbag

The Little Mermaid handbag from Disney
Image: Disney

Here’s a fresh take on a Disney handbag! The interior canvas drawstring pouch showcases an aquatic print, showcasing adorable crabs, fish, and seabirds. The drawstring closure keeps your treasures secure. The outer clear vinyl bag injects a dose of sparkle with its glitter infusion, while the fold-over tab fastens with a golden shell snap, giving a sense of oceanic opulence.

Disney The Little Mermaid Shell Crossbody Bag

The Little Mermaid bag for kids in seashell shape with iridescent coloring
Image: Disney

This adorable bag features a charming seashell-like design that is as cute as it is eye-catching. The main compartment features a zip closure, ensuring your belongings are safely stored while you so effortlessly channel Ariel’s style.

The Little Mermaid Jewelry and Accesories

Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry The Little Mermaid Ariel Earrings

The Little Mermaid Ariel mermaid tail earrings with diamonds, amethysts, blue topaz, and green tourmaline
Image: Disney

“Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl… the girl who has everything?” With these stunners, yes!

These mermaid tail drop earrings let you to embody Ariel in the most sophisticated way. The earrings feature an amethyst post and sparkling diamonds, giving a dazzling display of elegance. Swiss blue topaz and green tourmaline accents adorn the tails, the deep blue and green hues reminding us of the ocean’s depths. The combination of these gemstones create a truly captivating and unique Little Mermaid inspired look.

The Little Mermaid Live Action Film Keychain

The Little Mermaid 2023 keychain
Image: Disney

Keep the charm and magic of The Little Mermaid close with this delightful keychain, and let Ariel and her world become a part of your everyday adventures.

The Little Mermaid Home Decor

Ariel My Voice is a Treasure Hanging Wood Wall Decor

The Little Mermaid Halle Bailey as Ariel wall decor
Image: Amazon

Featuring an illustration of live action Ariel, this gorgeous Little Mermaid wall decor can make an inspiring atmosphere part of your world. It’s the perfect for addition to a Little Mermaid bedroom, playroom, or movie room.

Northwest Disney’s Little Mermaid Silk Touch Throw Blanket

Live action Ariel throw blanket
Image: Amazon

If you weren’t already cozied up to your Ariel plush, you can definitely find comfort in this gorgeous Little Mermaid throw blanket. At 50″ by 60″, it’s large enough for snuggling up while binge watching on the couch or tucking into bed at night.

The Little Mermaid Makeup and Beauty

Beauty Box: Disney’s The Little Mermaid Edition

The Little Mermaid makeup set collaboration with Ulta
Image: Ulta

Disney’s The Little Mermaid limited-edition collaboration with Ulta Beauty Collection features everything you need to create a stunning look, and it’s all neatly packaged in seashell-shaped zippered pouch. One of the features of this collection is its commitment to cruelty-free and clean ingredients, allowing you to indulge in your love for beauty with peace of mind.

Carol’s Daughter and Disney’s The Little Mermaid Goddess Strength Leave in Cream Gift Set

Carol's Daughter and The Little Mermaid haircare collaboration
Image: Amazon

Make a splash with beautiful, moisturized, and strengthened hair. The Goddess Strength Leave In Cream Gift Set, a collaboration between Carol’s Daughter and Disney’s The Little Mermaid, lets you embrace your inner mermaid by not just caring for waves, but curls and coils too.

Disney’s The Little Mermaid Bundle by Pacifica

Pacific and The Little Mermaid collaboration
Image: Pacifica

Transform your skincare routine with this Little Mermaid collab set from Pacifica. With face wash, serum, and mist containing ingredients that visibly plump, hydrate, and protect your skin, you’re well on your way to skin that glows like a sunset.

The Little Mermaid Books

Little Golden Book The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid live action Little Golden Book
Image: Amazon

Little Golden Books are treasured classics. We love the old stories, and revere the new. What a treat to see the story of The Little Mermaid live action remake in this format!

The Little Mermaid: Against the Tide

The Little Mermaid: Against the Tide cover featuing Halle Bailey as Ariel
Image: Amazon

The Little Mermaid: Against the Tide is an original novel by New York Times best-selling author J. Elle. It tells the prequel story to the events that take place in The Little Mermaid film. In it, Ariel’s is faced with searching for her abducted sister, Mala, with the help of her then-estranged sisters. The secrets they uncover on their journey also become revelations to the truth of her mother’s death. There’s also backstory to Ariel’s friendship with Flounder as they become best friends.

The Little Mermaid Soundtrack

The Little Mermaid Limited Edition Oceanic Blue Color Blend Vinyl

The Little Mermaid soundtrack in blue vinyl only available at Target
Image: Target

The Little Mermaid features so many classic Disney songs we’ve enjoyed for years. For the remake, Alan Menken returned as composer and co-wrote new songs with Lin-Manuel Miranda that expanded and re-imagined the original Little Mermaid soundtrack.

With streaming of course you can listen to Halle Bailey’s rendition of Part of Your World whenever you please. But for those of you wanting something a little extra, you can find The Little Mermaid soundtrack on limited edition oceanic blue vinyl only at Target.

Final Thoughts

The Little Mermaid merchandise for the 2023 Disney live action remake

The Little Mermaid merchandise offers a treasure trove of items that will delight Disney fans and Ariel enthusiasts alike. With a wide range of products, from plush companions to dazzling jewelry, every fan at any age can find something to cherish that brings the spirit of Ariel’s story into their collection.

We hope you have enjoyed this roundup and find some new Little Mermaid merchandise that will become a part of your world.

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