Star Wars Couple Costumes: The Good, the Bad, and the Bounty Hunters

Star Wars coupe costumes

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There’s never a bad time to wear a Star Wars costume, but there’s no better time than Halloween or at a convention. With literally tens of thousands of characters to choose from (21,647 to be exact!), there’s a Star Wars costume for everyone. However, if you’re looking for ideas for Star Wars couple costumes, the list gets quite a bit narrower. That’s where we come in with Star Wars couple costumes that are as well-matched as a Jedi and their lightsaber.

Star Wars Han Solo and Chewie
Image: LucasFilm

We’re listing our picks for Star Wars couple costumes and sharing key pieces to get each character’s signature look while coordinating the whole look. Additionally, if you’re all about celebrating your shared fandom as a couple, check out these ideas for Disney couples shirts.

Star Wars couple Padme and Anakin
Image: LucasFilm

For this galactic compilation, we’ve tried to stay away from the obvious choices: Han and Leia, Anakin and Padme, Artoo and 3PO. We’re sharing fresh ideas to help you stand out a bit. Some of these pairings are romantic, some strictly platonic, and some downright hostile!

Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze

Star Wars couples costume from The Mandalorian, Din Djarin and Bo-Katan Kryze.

While not an official couple, the romantic tension between these two Mandalorian warriors is so thick you could cut it with the Darksaber. (Fun fact: they actually filmed a kiss between Din and Bo-Katan but it didn’t end up making the final cut.) Thankfully, Mandalorian costumes are all the rage right now so there’s no shortage of DIY projects or costumes for purchase. Better yet, get one of those cool Star Wars Black Series helmets to really go the extra parsec.

Mandalorian Costume

Mandalorian costume

The Mandalorian Din Djarin Costume

Bo-Katan Kryze Costume

Bo-Katan Kryze costume

Bo-Katan Kryze Costume

Han Solo and Greedo

Star Wars couples costume from A New Hope, Han Solo and Greedo.

You might end up fighting all night over who shot first, but what a great couples costume this would be! Whoever gets to be Greedo definitely has their work cut out for them. A full-blown Rodian makeover is considerably more work than a black vest and a long sleeve shirt, but you’re bound to turn some heads. If you’re short on time (you do have a bounty to collect, after all), there are some great looking pre-made masks out there.

Han Solo Costume

A Han costume could be as easy as looking through your closet. Add the finishing touch with his holster.

Han Solo belt with holster

Han Solo Gun Belt With Holster

Greedo Costume

Greedo latex wearable mask

Greedo Wearable Mask

Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru

Star Wars couples costume Uncle Own and Aunt Beru

There are three great advantages to doing an Owen and Beru Lars couples costume. One, they’d be easy to pull off. You’d just need various shades of brown clothing with a little blue thrown in for Beru. Two, there’s a good chance that nobody else is paying tribute to these undervalued background characters. And three, you can choose from three distinct eras: young Owen and Beru (baby Luke optional), middle-aged ‘77 Owen and Beru, or the charred skeleton variants. For extra credit, you can rig up an R5-D4 astromech unit with an exploding head.

Owen Lars Costume

Pair a Star Wars style tunic with a long robe and pants to complete your young Owen look.

Star Wars tunic for Halloween or cosplay

Young Owen Lars Tunic

Beru Lars Costume

A signature piece of young Beru’s look is a kimono sleeve cardigan. You could score a similar style at stores today, or buy used via resale sites like eBay or your local thrift store.

Star Wars tunic

Young Beru Lars Cardigan

Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla

Star Wars couples costume Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla

One of the best couples in all of Star Wars never actually made it to the big screen (unless you count Hera and Chopper’s cameo in Rogue One). Additionally, Kanan himself has never even appeared in live-action. As for Hera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is currently bringing the Twi’lek Rebel General to life in Ashoka on Disney+. The base of a DIY Kanan costume is simple—grey pants and olive green shirt—so you’ll have to BYO armor, ponytail, and suave goatee. DIY Twi’lek costumes have been popular among cosplayers and crafters for decades. There are also silicone Twi’lek Lekku available online if you want to skip all the trouble. However, there’s no way around the copious amounts of green paint!

Kanan Jarrus Costume

If you’re not feeling the DIY spirit, a fully put together Kanan Jarrus costume is just what the Rebel Alliance ordered.

Kanan Jarrus costume

Kanan Jarrus Costume

Hera Syndulla Costume

Silicone Hera Syndulla Twi’lek Lekku for Halloween costume or cosplay

Hera Syndulla Silicone Lekku

Obi-Wan and Darth Maul

Star Wars couples costume Darth Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi

Another antagonistic relationship, the rivalry between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul extends far beyond The Phantom Menace. Maul resurfaces in The Clone Wars animated series and again in Star Wars Rebels, where Kenobi faces down his master’s killer one final time. Jedi robes are an easy find, whether you’re throwing one together or purchasing one online. Where you really get to have fun is in applying the Maul face paint and spikes! If your painting skills are lacking, pick up a Darth Maul mask instead. Make sure you blast Duel of the Fates extra loud during all your public lightsaber duels.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Costume

Obi-Wan costume

Obi-Wan Kenobi Costume

Darth Maul Costume

Darth Maul costume

Darth Maul Costume

Yoda and Yaddle

Star Wars couples costume Yoda and Yaddle

If you decided to cosplay as Yaddle this Halloween, you’d belong to a very exclusive group. Not only are Yoda and Yaddle both members of the Jedi High Council, but they were—until Grogu came along—the only known members of their mysterious species. Some fans even speculate that they could be Grogu’s parents. If that’s the case, The Child certainly has his father’s ears as well as his mischievous nature. There are a lot of options in how to approach your DIY interpretation of the two Jedi Masters. You’re going to be considerably larger than your movie counterparts, but as Master Yoda says, size matters not.

Yoda Costume

Whether you opt for a onesie with attached Yoda hood or a Jedi robe, Yoda ears, and green face paint, there’s no wrong way to embrace the Jedi spirit.

Yoda hat for Halloween costume or cosplay

Yoda Costume Beanie

Yaddle Costume

The basics of a Yoda costume work well for Yaddle too. Just add a wig!

Star Wars Yaddle wig

Yaddle Costume Wig

Lando Calrissian and Lobot

Star Wars couples costume Lando Calrissian and Lobot

When it comes to faithful companions, fans are quick to think of Han and Chewbacca or Luke and Artoo. Where’s the love for Lando and Lobot? Without Lobot’s help, Lando could’ve never sprung his plan on Bespin and freed Leia and Chewie from the grip of Darth Vader. Lando wears a few different outfits throughout the movies, so you have some wiggle room there, though we heartily recommend the fashionable blue cape. As for Lobot, some craft foam or cardboard painted to look like lobot-tech parts would make a decent lo-fi take on a Lobot cosplay outfit. If you’re more technologically skilled, there are some Lobot headgear molds available for purchase.

Lando Calrissian Costume

Lando Calrissian costume

Lando Costume

Lobot Costume

Lobot costume from Star Wars

Lobot Sash

Poe Dameron and Zorii Bliss

Star Wars couples costume Poe Dameron and Zorii Bliss from The Rise of Skywalker

We know little about The Rise of Skywalker’s Zorii Bliss and not just because she wears a helmet that hides her face. What we do know, however, is that she and Poe Dameron were once an item. Their strong chemistry in the few scenes they share is more than enough to warrant a mention on this list. A Poe cosplay consists of items you might already have: an off-white button down and utilitarian-style brown pants. The added tactical gear and accessories will bring the character to life. For Zorii, the maroon jumpsuit won’t be hard to come by, but it will require some DIY love. As for her helmet, unless you’re a regular Babu Frik, you might be better off purchasing one online

Poe Dameron Costume

Poe Dameron scarf for Halloween costume or cosplay

Poe Dameron Scarf

Zorii Bliss Costume

Zorii Bliss maroon red jumpsuit for Halloween costume or cosplay

Zorii Bliss Jumpsuit

More Star Wars Couple Costumes

The list of unique Star Wars couple costumes can go on indefinitely, as long as you’re creative. What about Chewbacca and a disassembled C-3PO stuffed in his backpack? Or Leia in her Boushh bounty hunter disguise alongside a carbonite-frozen Han Solo? Group costume idea: Palpatine clones!

Palpatine from Star Wars
Image: LucasFilm

No matter what Star Wars couple costume theme you go with, our crystal ball is Force-seeing good times ahead. And don’t forget to prepare your acceptance speech after you two inevitably win “Yoda Best Dressed Couple!”

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