Star Wars Helmet Display Ideas for Collectors

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You’ve sought out and saved up to bring home your favorite Star Wars helmet. Now, you face the all-too-common question, “What’s a good Star Wars helmet display?” Leaving it stored in its box means you can’t enjoy it while you’re not wearing it. Leaving it sitting precariously on a side table or desk risks it getting damaged.

If you’re a collector of Star Wars Black Series helmets, or other Star Wars helmets, it is essential to have proper storage. We have some great solutions that will show you how you can not only store your Star Wars helmets safely, but showcase your collection so you can enjoy it anytime.

Artistic rendering of Star Wars style helmets.

And remember to check measurements before purchasing any storage or display solutions to ensure proper fit.

Star Wars Helmet Stand

Image: Lucasfilm

First up is a helmet stand. The great thing about helmet stands is they are the most portable of our solutions. If you want to move your collection to another room, it’s effortless. There are also a variety of helmet stands out there, which means you can make helmet stand as much, or as little, a part of the display as you like.

Helmet Stand with Plaque for Star Wars Black Series Helmets

This helmet stand with plaque adds a museum-quality look to your collection. It’s made from acrylic and furniture grade tubing and stands approximately 15.5″ high without a helmet. There are options for plaque customization, or you can choose one of the many pre-existing plaque designs.

Star Wars Helmet Display stand with LED lights

Image: Etsy

This stainless steel helmet stand is fixed with LED lights, letting each helmet take its place in the spotlight. Choose between red, blue, or white LED lights. Or match your color to your mood and choose the version with adjustable color controlled by remote. There are also three top cover designs to choose from on the base. The stand measures 16.5″ tall and 6.5″ in diameter.

Budget Friendly Star Wars Helmet Stand

Image: Amazon

If you don’t want to spend a lot to display your helmets or just aren’t that into fancy helmet stands, then you’ll be into our next pick. It’s inexpensive, minimal design, and you can get it today. It’s a (drumroll) paper towel holder! Try using styrofoam if you need to add stabilization. We like this one for its weighted base.

Star Wars Helmet Display Case

Image: Lucasfilm

Putting your Star Wars helmets in a glass display case is perfect for collectors who want a permanent solution with high aesthetic appeal. In a glass case. your helmets can really shine and be admired while still being fully covered and protected.


Image: IKEA

With its glass doors and optional lighting, the DETOLF cabinet from IKEA not only provides a secure storage solution but also gives your collection a polished look. We will note that the Darth Vader helmet does not fit inside this case, but can sit on top of it.

Glass Display Cabinet

Image: Amazon

If you don’t have an IKEA nearby, Amazon also offers glass cabinets. The measurements will vary, so as with any storage or display solution, check that your helmets will fit before buying.

Star Wars Helmet Wall Mount

Image: Lucasfilm

If you’re looking for a permanent display option that doesn’t take much space, a wall-mounted solution might be best for you. Whether your collection is young and growing or nearly complete, this is our favorite display solution for making your collection double as artwork.

Wall Mounted Helmet Holder

Image: Amazon

This wall mounted helmet holder comes with the screws you need to install securely to the wall. Your display options are only limited to your imagination, so you can get as creative as you like. This solution is cost-effective, permanent, and space-saving.

Final Thoughts on Star Wars Helmet Display Ideas

Artistic rendering of Star Wars style helmets at outdoor bazaar.

As a Star Wars helmet collector, it’s crucial to find the ideal display solution for your helmets that balances form and function. We’ve covered Star Wars helmet display ideas that offer a range of choices from the portable to the permanent. You can go as grand or as minimal as you like to reflect your personal style.

Artistic rendering of Darth Vader helmet.

Portable helmet stands provide versatility, while helmet stands with plaques give an esteemed look. Stainless steel stands with LED lights create a cinematic atmosphere, and budget-friendly paper towel holders offer a simple solution.

Artistic rendering of Stormtrooper helmets on display.

For a permanent and visually striking display, glass cases, like the IKEA DETOLF cabinet or options from Amazon, provide a polished look. If space is limited, wall-mounted displays turn your helmets into cool artwork.

Remember to check measurements before purchasing any display solution. May the Force guide you as you preserve and showcase your collection!

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