The Marvels Happy Meal Toys Now at McDonald’s

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We bid farewell to Elemental Happy Meal toys as a new collection is claiming their place in the Happy Meal universe. McDonald’s has partnered with Marvel Studios to bring fans a new set of toys from The Marvels, set to release November 2023. From July to August 2023, your Happy Meal will come with one of the eight new toys featuring characters from the film.

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The complete set of The Marvels Happy Meal toys includes these cool characters:

Captain Marvel

Image: McDonald’s


Image: McDonald’s

Ms. Marvel

Image: McDonald’s

Nick Fury

Image: McDonald’s


Image: McDonald’s

Prince Yan

Image: McDonald’s

Princess Carol

Image: McDonald’s

Kree-Supreme Dar-Benn

Image: McDonald’s

Each toy has movable parts, from punching arms to spinning tentacles of the fuzzy flerken. The characters stand on their own base. Each base can connect to another, making displaying your collection easy.

The Marvels was originally set to release in July 2023, but the release date was reportedly swapped with the November release date of The Haunted Mansion, making these toys the perfect hype man for the movie!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect all eight McDonald’s Happy Meal toys for The Marvels! For more fun with The Marvels at McDonald’s, like coloring pages and activity pages, check out the Happy Meal website.

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