Young Jedi Adventures: A Comprehensive Guide

Young Jedi Adventures
Image: Disney

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With the release of Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, stories from the Star Wars galaxy have become a little more kid-friendly. It’s the first full-length animated Star Wars series to be created especially for young viewers. With colorful animation and engaging storylines, the series brings a fresh batch of Star Wars tales that’s accessible to young children.

Young Jedi Adventures poster
Image: Disney

About Young Jedi Adventures

Young Jedi Adventures
Image: Disney

When was Young Jedi Adventures released?

Young Jedi Adventures was released on Disney+ on May 4, 2023, to coincide with Star Wars Day.

What is Young Jedi Adventures about?

The series follows a group of Jedi younglings as they learn the ways of the Force, explore the galaxy, help others in need, as they embark on their journey to become Jedi Knights.

Young Jedi Adventures
Image: Disney

Where does Young Jedi Adventures take place?

The central location of the series is at the Jedi Temple on the planet Tenoo.

When does Young Jedi Adventures take place?

The series takes place during the The High Republic Era, 200 years before The Phantom Menace. Executive Producer James Waugh is quoted as saying, “The point of that era was a hopeful time, back when the Jedi were guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy.”

TV Details

Rating: TV-Y
Episode Runtime: 27 minutes
Number of Seasons: 1
Episodes per Season: 7

Young Jedi Adventures
Image: Disney

Young Jedi Adventures Trailer

Young Jedi Adventures Characters

Who are the new characters in the series? Let’s break it down.

Kai Brightstar

Star Wars Kai
Image: Disney

Species: Human
Kai Brightstar is a leader whose optimism allows him to see the good in everyone around him.

Lys Solay

Star Wars Lys
Image: Disney

Species: Pantoran
Lys is not only friendly but witty and observant, making her a great problem solver.


Star Wars Nubs
Image: Disney

Species: Pooba
Nubs is the heart of the group who can bring a smile to anyone’s face. And while he make look small, he is mighty.

Nash Durango and RJ-83

Star Wars Nash
Image: Disney

Species: Human
Nash is a pilot who accompanies the Jedi younglings on their adventures, along with her co-pilot droid RJ-83.


Star Wars Yoda
Image: Disney

Species: Unknown
Jedi Master Yoda oversees the teachings at the temple. He encourages the younglings to challenge themselves so they may grow as Jedi.

Master Zia

Star Wars Master Zia

Master Zia teaches the Jedi younglings at the outpost. She guides them with compassion and kindness.

Taborr Val Dorn

Star Wars Taborr
Image: Disney

Species: Humanoid
Taborr, a young pirate, will gladly take the opportunity to cause chaos for the younglings.


Star Wars Pord
Image: Disney

Species: Gamorrean
Pord is Taborr’s muscle. She will loyally follow his command.


Star Wars Raxlo
Image: Disney

Species: Gozzo
A schemer ready to strip the galaxy of its natural resources, Raxlo is eager to get what he wants.

Young Jedi Adventures Parents Guide

Young Jedi Adventures
Image: Disney

Young Jedi Adventures is rated TV-Y. Common themes of the show are teamwork and using the power of the Force for good. Being a Star Wars series, there is some use of weapons with lightsabers, but any action is cartoonish and without injury. If you are a Star Wars fan whose child isn’t old enough for the movies, this is a tamer way of introducing them to the franchise.

Where can I watch Young Jedi Adventures?

Young Jedi Adventures is streaming on Disney+.

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