A Goofy Movie Merch That Fuels 90s Nostalgia

A Goofy Movie merch
A Goofy Movie premiered in 1995 at Walt Disney World. Image: Disney

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We’re celebrating A Goofy Movie for its heart, killer soundtrack, and all the 90s nostalgia you can handle. We’re rounding up our favorite A Goofy Movie merch. From awesome board games to limited edition posters, it’s easy to bring a little more Max or Powerline into your life.

Image: Disney

Though A Goofy Movie didn’t storm onto the scene as a box office hit, it has since been revered as a cult classic coming-of-age story. You could argue that the film itself has had its own coming-of-age journey, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of so many fans.

And here’s a fun fact: At the 2015 D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, the 20th Anniversary Reunion Panel had the highest number of attendees. And if that isn’t proof the love is real, A Goofy Movie is also cited as one of the sources of inspiration for Domee Shi’s Pixar film, Turning Red.

Image: Disney

A Goofy Movie has grown right alongside its fans. You know, those who related to Max as kids? They’ve grown up, some started families, and found a whole new connection to Goofy’s perspective as a parent. Rocking a Powerline shirt or proudly displaying a Max figurine takes that already amazing experience of connecting to one of the best 90s Disney movies and cranks it up to a whole new level. Now let’s dive into the awesome merchandise!

Goofy Map Poster by Claire Hummel

Image: Cyclops Print Works

Embark on the wildest road trip to Los Angeles, discovering Bigfoot and the best fishing along the way with this A Goofy Movie poster created by Claire Hummel. This design is part of a limited edition of 250. Each poster is hand-numbered and hand-signed.

A Goofy Movie Board Game

A Goofy Movie Game

Disney board games are always a hit, and A Goofy Movie Game is no exception. Travel across the country to see Powerline perform in Los Angeles. Get there first to score the best seats in the house. Fun for game nights with friends and family!

Powerline Backpack and Funko Pop

A Goofy Movie Loungefly backpack
Image: Loungefly

This is an exclusive WonderCon bundle you can only get for a limited time! The Loungefly Powerline Eye To Eye backpack features a glow in the dark design. (Can’t wait to see it on the dark rides!) The Powerline Funko Pop comes with a 2023 Wondrous Convention and Diamod Collection sticker on the box. A real treat for collectors of A Goofy Movie merch!

Disney Food-D’s Max and Bobby Pin

Look! It’s the leaning tower of cheeza!

Matching Father/Son A Goofy Movie Camping Scenes Button Up

Nothing says father-son bonding like matching shirts with a print depicting images from a movie about father-son bonding! This would make a great gift for birthdays, Father’s Day, or as part of an outfit to wear to the parks.

Powerline Showtime Socks

A Goofy Movie novelty socks featuring Powerline
Image: Rock Em Socks

Powerline novelty socks bring all the 90s vibes we crave. They’re bright and colorful in all their dayglo glory! The contrasting colors really let Powerline take center stage like the star he is!

A Goofy Movie Tab Journal

A Goofy Movie journal in a 90s design
Image: Boxlunch

A Goofy Movie journal with nostalgia written all over it. (hyuk, see what I did there?) The journal features lined paper and tabs inspired by different moments from the movie.

Max & Roxanne Embroidered Mouse Ears

A Goofy Movie mouse ears headband featuring Max and Roxanne embroidered on the ears
Image: Etsy

Show your love for A Goofy Movie at Disney Parks with these cute embroidered mouse ears featuring Max and Roxanne. These mouse ears are handmade and can be customized by choosing your preferred bow color.

Powerline Tour Shirt

A Goofy Movie merch shirt featuring Powerline World Tour design
Image: Amazon

One of the best parts about A Goofy Movie merch? Powerline Tour ’95 merch! Love the world tour shirt so we can prove we’re true fans.

A Goofy Movie Colorblock Hoodie

A Goofy Movie nostalgia colorblock hoodie
Image: Her Universe

Give me 90s but make it cozy! This colorblock A Goofy Movie hoodie is serving up the playfulness of 90s fashion delivering it to the present. The front features the movie title embroidered at the chest.

A Goofy Movie Max’s Dream Small Zip Wallet

A Goofy Movie wallet featuring Roxanne jumping into Max's arms
Image: Boxlunch

Max dreams of Roxanne the way we dream of this wallet. It features rose gold-toned hardware, pockets for cards, and a clear ID sleeve. Makes a great gift for the one you love!

A Goofy Movie Max Nendoroid Action Figure

A Goofy Movie merch
Image: Entertainment Earth

Nendoroid fans rejoice: Max is joining the club! Max comes with 3x interchangeable face plates including a smiling face, a winking face, and a grumpy face so you can change up your figure any time you like. He also comes with his sunglasses!

A Goofy Movie Map Camp Shirt

A colorful print button down featuring scenes and the roadmap from A Goofy Movie
Image: Loungefly

The colorful print on this button down features Goofy’s roadmap and fun moments from the movie. It’s short sleeve and lightweight, so you’ll stay as cool as you look.

Max and Roxanne Wallpaper

A Goofy Movie wallpaper featuring Max and Roxanne
Image: Disney

This wallpaper is free to download and features Max and Roxanne swooning over each other. This wallpaper size will fit desktop computers and iPads.

A Goofy Movie iPhone wallpaper featuring Max and Roxanne
Image: Disney

This version will fit iPhones and Android phones.

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