The Biggest McDonald’s in Orlando (Right in Disney’s Backyard!)

Biggest McDonald's in Orlando
Image: McDonald’s

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If you’re visiting Disney World and McDonald’s announces a new Disney Happy Meal toy, a detour might be in order. Your journey just might lead you to the biggest McDonald’s in Orlando (and the largest McDonald’s in the world if you’re measuring by square feet).

Besides being 8,024 square feet, and near the Disney All-Star Resorts, here are 5 more cool facts about The World’s Largest McDonald’s.

1. This McDonald’s location is a first in sustainability.

Sustainable McDonald's in Orlando with solar panels
Image: McDonald’s

Did you know this location is the first fast food restaurant designed to be Net Zero Energy? That means the restaurant generates as much energy as it consumes using features like solar panels. In fact, this location’s 25 parking lot lights produce more energy than the restaurant uses. Additionally, the plant-covered walls not only absorb CO2, but make a surprisingly great backdrop for photos.

2. It’s got exercise bikes.

Green wall at McDonald's in Orlando
Image: SemperGreen

These bikes aren’t just for working off a Big Mac. They actually help generate energy for the restaurant when powered by people. Maybe putting the pedal to the medal is the new “apple a day.”

3. There’s a reason it’s nicknamed The Entertainment McDonald’s.


The upstairs of this location has a huge arcade filled with video games. Skee-Ball, anyone? The PlayPlace has everything you’d want as a kid, with multi-level playing, slides, and tubes to crawl through.

4. They have McDonald’s pizza.

McDonald's Pizza

This location offers more than just burgers and fries. The menu includes pizza made right in their own brick oven, pasta dishes like ravioli, and even Belgian waffles for breakfast.

5. It used to look like this.

Here’s a little trip back to a time when wild theming, checkboard patterns, and bold colors were The Thing.

Old design of Entertainment McDonald's in Orlando, FL.
Image: Orlando Weekly
Old design of Entertainment McDonald's in Orlando, FL with Ronald McDonald statue out front.
Image: Orlando Weekly
McDonald's mural in Orlando FL.
Image: Orlando Weekly

Want to visit the biggest McDonald’s in Orlando?

The address for the largest McDonald’s is 6875 Sandlake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819. It’s located on the west side of Disney property, not too far from the All Star Resorts. Have fun!

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