Disney Popcorn Buckets Listed by Year

Disney popcorn buckets

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It’s easy to get amped about a trip to Disney when you’re anticipating the thrills of the Haunted Mansion or hoping to find a new pair of Mickey ears. But the excitement gets turned up a notch once you start imagining all the Disney snacks at your fingertips. Whether it’s churros or corndogs, Disney offers a lot of treats to satisfy any mood. But there’s one snack where you can get a collectible souvenir to go with it: popcorn and Disney popcorn buckets!

We’re compiling a comprehensive list of popcorn buckets, along with photos and info on which Disney Parks they were available for purchase.

Each year is highlighted below with some of our faves from that year. To see all the buckets from a single year, check out the linked corresponding post.

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Disney Popcorn Buckets from 2023

Disney popcorn bucket
Image: Disney

In 2023, Disney was celebrating 100 Years of Wonder and many of the buckets reflected the celebration in design and style. The theme carried through with a purple and silver color palette seen on many of the buckets. One of the most-coveted was the platinum Cinderella pumpkin coach bucket.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor's car popcorn bucket from Disney
Image: Disney

The standout Disney Halloween popcorn bucket for 2023 was The Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor’s Car popcorn bucket. It featured the Mayor at the wheel and other characters riding along, like Vampire Teddy and Zero.

Rotating tin popcorn bucket
Image: Disney

For the holidays, Disney repeated the rotating tin design from 2022 with a new color and theme. The 2023 gold rotating tin brings Disney and holiday magic as the tin rotates to display different scenes in the windows.

Check out all the Disney popcorn buckets from 2023 in our comprehensive post.

Disney Popcorn Buckets from 2024

Disney popcorn bucket

So far for 2024, everyone has been excited to see what’s in store for this year’s Figment popcorn bucket. This year’s design did not disappoint. Featuring a replica see-through Imagination Pavilion, everyone’s favorite purple dragon can be seen happily on display inside the bucket.

2024 Mushu popcorn bucket from Shanghai Disneyland
Image: Disney

Speaking of dragons, Shanghai Disneyland unveiled a beautiful design to celebrate the year of the dragon. Mushu from Mulan adorns the front of the drum-shaped bucket.

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