Encanto Cake Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

Encanto cake ideas

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A fantastic Encanto cake is the perfect way to celebrate the successes and milestones of the one’s you love. Similar to the magical world of Encanto, where each character possesses a unique gift, birthdays and other special occasions are a time of festivities and gifts. But these special occasions are about more than just gift giving. We also celebrate the unique gifts our loved ones possess, just as the Family Madrigal does!

The Family Madrigal
Image: Disney

If you’re hosting an Encanto party, you’ll want to wow guests with a cake that captures the heart of the movie! We’ve rounded up the best Encanto cake designs that will inspire your own beautiful creation.

Mirabel's gifts from Encanto
“The truth is, gift or no gift, I am just as special as the rest of my family.” Image: Disney

From whimsical designs to breathtaking details, these cakes bring color and magic to the party. We’ve even got you covered if you’re looking for Encanto cupcakes, cake pops, or simple Encanto cake ideas. Prepare to leave your guests in awe with a beautiful cake at your party!

Encanto Birthday Cake

If you’re celebrating the birthday of an Encanto fan, you’re going to need a cake that fits the bill. An Encanto cake can feature your favorite characters, like Mirabel or Bruno. Or it can already be topped with a candle! (It might surprise you how well it suits the Encanto theme!) Encanto is rich with color and story, giving cake decorators and bakers so much inspiration to work with for their Encanto birthday cake designs.

Vibrant Encanto Birthday Cake

Vibrant Encanto birthday cake
Image: Brusolky-Tortas y Bocaditos

The colors are so bold that this cake feels like a celebration in itself!

Adorable Encanto Cake with Macarons

Cute Encanto cake with macarons and adorable characters for Mirabel, Isabela, and Bruno.
Image: Rabbit Bakery

The juxtaposition of the bright flowers with the softer palette of the cake makes this design comes alive. Cute characters and the added macarons are an extra dose of sweetness!

The Miracle Candle Cake

Encanto tiered cake featuring The Miracle Candle on the top.
Image: Sweet Passion Cakery

Can’t imagine a better Encanto birthday cake idea! The Miracle Candle on top as a birthday candle is so fun and fits well with the theme.

Encanto Number Cake

Number cake in an Encanto theme
Image: Pinterest

This is a sweet idea for any age! You can easily customize this in your colors and favorite Encanto character.

Breezy Pink Floral Encanto Cake

Light and airy Encanto cake with Mirabel and Isabela
Image: Boomys Bakes

If you’re looking for an Encanto cake that feels like a breath of fresh air, this is for you. The ombre icing on the cake is so beautiful!

The Family Madrigal Cake

The Family Madrigal cake
Image: WonderCakesCA

An absolute stunner! The Family Madrigal all in one cake, complete with capybara? What’s not to love. Get a closer look in the creator’s video.

Illuminated Encanto Cake

Beautiful Encanto cake ideas
Image: Lova Confeitaria Artesanal

For an Encanto birthday cake with no characters, this beautifully captures the spirit of the movie. The addition of fresh flowers is a nice touch.

“What Else Can I Do” Cake

What Else Can I Do style cake
Image: Pinterest

This cake is the epitome of Isabela and Mirabel singing “What Else Can I Do?”

Mirabel Cake

These cakes are for our Mirabel fans! Some are wildly colorful, just like Mirabel. Others play up the sweetness. But all feature Mirabel as the star!

Vibrant Mirabel Cake

Vibrant Mirabel cake
Image: Elegant Temptations

Are we sure Isabela didn’t create this one? If it was my Encanto party, that’s what I would tell everyone.

Cute Mirabel Cake

Cute Mirabel Madrigal cake
Image: Instagram

How cute is Mirabel? Just makes me imagine a room full of guests going “awwww.”

Blush Pink and Neutral Tones Mirabel Cake

Mirabel and Casita cake
Image: Shaun Teo Creations

The color volume is turned down but the personality is all there! The flowers and butterflies give such an organic look. I love that the door features the age of the birthday child!

Isabela Cake

If you’re celebrating a special occasion with an Isabela fan, you’ll love this next batch of Encanto cakes. They’re full of floral perfection—Isabela’s signature style!

Towering Casita with Isabella Cake

Isabela tiered Encanto cake
Image: Pinterest

This is a showstopper! It features multiple tiers and Isabela is featured in three scenes on the cake. And if that isn’t enough, the detail work at the base of the cake is stunning.

Lovely Isabela Cake

Isabela Encanto cake
Image: Pinterest

The cut-out letters used to personalize this cake are so pretty. Isabela really shines on this cake under the floral arch!

Sweet Lavender Isabela Cake

Cute Isabela Encanto cake
Image: Instagram

Isabela is depicted in a cute style on this cake that features soft pinks, lilacs, and lavenders.

Isabela Disney Style Portrait Cake

Fun Encanto Isabela cake
Image: Doctora chocotorta

This portrait style cake of Isabela is simple but effective! Her lively expression and the beautiful array of flowers bring so much joy to this cake design.

Isabela and Butterflies Cake

Isabela Madrigal cake with butterflies
Image: Pinterest

This cake incorporates the butterflies and floral elements nicely. A classic Isabela cake for your Encanto fan!

Isabela Swings in the Treetops Cake

Isabela with flowers cake
Image: Pinterest

This Encanto cake is pure fun! Makes me wish I could swing on a vine like Isabela!

Luisa Cake

If you’re celebrating “the strong one,” you might be looking for Encanto cake designs featuring Luisa. And maybe even hoping the donkeys make an appearance? We got you.

Cute Luisa Encanto Cake

Luisa Encanto cake
Image: Instagram

Love how cute the cake design is, while Luisa shows how tough she is!

Luisa and Donkeys Cake

Luisa Encanto cake
Image: Pinterest

It just doesn’t get better than Luisa and the donkeys.

Bruno Cake

We don’t talk about these cakes. But if we did, we’d tell you these are all about Bruno. And rats. And visions.

“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Inspired Cake

We Don't Talk About Bruno cake
Image: Josué Luciano

Love how this cake has an inspired Bruno look, with the addition of those scurrying rats. Such a cool idea for an Encanto party. For added inspiration, watch the Bruno cake get made.

Bruno and the Rats Along His Back Cake

Bruno Madrigal cake
Image: Instagram

Bruno is out from behind the walls and standing front and center on this striking cake!

Bruno’s Vision Cupcakes

We Don't Talk About Bruno cupcakes
Image: Dine Dream Discover

A fantastic Bruno cupcake idea! Check out the cupcake recipe and tutorial and bring Bruno’s vision to your Encanto party.

Antonio Cake

Antonio is bringing in some of our favorite cake designs. Now you don’t need to explain yourself for demanding your cake includes a capybara in the design. Thank you, Antonio!

Antonio’s Gift Encanto Cake

Encanto Antonio cake
Image: Agridulcecake

This cake gets high praise from Antonio fans and kids who love wild animals!

Friends of Antonio Cake

Encanto Antonio cake with toucan, jaguar, and capybara
Image: Pinterest

An absolutely beautiful cake! It is so lush and green.

Dolores Cake

To the Dolores fans: We see you, and hear you! There’s no lack of gorgeous cake designs featuring the super-hearing member of the Madrigal family.

Cute Dolores Cake

Dolores Encanto cake
Image: Cassy’s Choice

The intricately crafted floral details and vibrant colors on this cake are so playful. We can only imagine what Dolores is overhearing from the rooftop!

Dolores Encanto Cake

Dolores Encanto cake
Image: Amanie’s Cake

A tiered cake topped with Dolores and swimming in flowers is a winning combination!

Mirabel Doll Cake

Mirabel doll cake
Image: Tan Dulce

Achieve the look of this Mirabel doll style cake with this video tutorial from Tan Dulce by Grisel.

Isabela Doll Cake

Isabela doll cake
Image: beautybake5

This Isabela doll cake is so beautifully crafted it looks like it belongs on a shelf.

Encanto Smash Cake

Choosing an Encanto smash cake to celebrate your baby’s first birthday leaves the door open for so many fun and colorful cake designs.

Butterflies and Flowers Smash Cake

Encanto smash cake
Image: Sam’s Goodies

The bright pinks and pops of blue make this cake feel so fresh!

Floral Encanto Smash Cake

Encanto smash cake with flowers
Image: Domina’s Cakery

This smash cake is a color wonderland!

Encanto Casita Cake

One could argue that Casita is another member of the Madrigal family. The home communicates with the family and is a source for bringing the family members together when they need each other most. Makes a beautiful story for choosing a Casita design for your party that brings everyone together.

Magical Casita Cake

Encanto casita cake with flowers
Image: Elegant Temptations

This cake is a stunner! You can’t help but fall in love with all the details from the candle at the top to the stylized doors at the bottom.

Casita Cake

Encanto casita cake
Image: Cakes by Rae

This cake is beautiful and inviting. Funnily enough, it bares a striking resemblance to the LEGO Disney Encanto The Madrigal House set.

Floral Encanto Cake

If you’re all about rows of roses for your party, here’s our collection of favorite floral Encanto cake ideas.

Dramatic Floral Encanto Cake

Encanto cake with flowers
Image: Elegant Temptations

The drama of this cake is like none other!

Hushed Tones Floral Encanto Cake

Floral Encanto cake
Image: Pinterest

It’s so fun to see how soft pastels work so nicely with an Encanto cake.

Casita and Florals Cake

Floral Encanto cake
Image: Pinterest

This cake also features soft pastels, but the scale is grand! The Casita cake topper is a nice touch.

Cheerful Floral Cake

Stunning Encanto cake
Image: Pinterest

A stunning cake that features the beauty of the floral elements seen in the movie. Also fun to see how well this cake design works even with no characters on the cake!

Naturally Modern Casita Cake

Modern Encanto cake with floral design
Image: Aline Bichara

Similarly, this cake uses the florals in an even more understated way, bringing a modern touch to the cake design.

Isabela’s Gift Encanto Cake

Floral cake for birthday
Image: Sugar & Sparrow

This floral cake can serve many applications beyond an Encanto themed party. Check out the tutorial to make yours at home.

Encanto Butterfly Cake

Butterfly Encanto cake with Mirabel
Image: Pinterest

This Dos Oruguitas cake is so special. Its rich colors make it look like a monument and the butterflies bring a movement we didn’t know was possible with cake decorating.

Simple Encanto Cake

Simple Encanto birthday cake

This cake is so cute and so easy to create. Buy a sheet cake and top it with Encanto figurines as cake toppers! To get more in-depth on the process, check out the full tutorial.

Encanto Cupcakes

If cupcakes suit your occasion better, we’ve rounded up our favorites that bring the Encanto theme to the party!

Encanto Character Cupcakes

Encanto cupcakes
Image: Studio DIY

These are adorable and doable for anyone! Get the recipe and instructions and soon you’ll be enjoying these cupcakes yourself!

Isabela’s Floral Cupcakes

Floral Encanto cupcakes
Image: Pinterest

These cupcakes are so versatile, but also perfect for an Encanto party!

Encanto Cake Pops

If your party requires bite size snacks but you still want to stay on theme, check out these ideas for Encanto cake pops.

Floral Cake Pops

Floral cake pops
Image: Pinterest

The color palette is perfect for a party. The variety in individual design makes a lovely display when all together.

Isabela Cake Pops

Isabela cake pops with flowers
Image: cakeskellysanchez

This is a lot of personality in a tiny cake pop! Great way to make a huge impact without making a huge cake.


Image: Disney

Encanto brings so much life and energy with its themes of celebrating everyone’s unique gifts, to the rich, vibrant colors of life as a Madrigal. These thematic elements are easily adaptable and lend themselves well to making your own special occasion shine.

When it comes to Encanto cake ideas, we hope this collection has sparked your imagination with possibilities. Whether you’re opting for cupcakes, cake pops, or a stunning tiered cake, we hope to have helped in sharing ideas that will make your party truly memorable. If you have used any of these designs as inspiration, we’d love to see photos of how it turned out!

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