Finding Nemo 20th Anniversary Limited-Time Collections

Finding Nemo 20th anniversary merchandise collection roundup featuring Dooney & Bourke handbags, RSVLTS shirts, Loungefly backpacks, Hallmark ornaments, and more.

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Disney/Pixar is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the beloved animated feature Finding Nemo. With its endearing characters, breathtaking animation, and heartwarming story of familial love, overcoming fear, and finding friendship in unlikely places, Finding Nemo has touched the lives of millions. To commemorate this special milestone, a wave of exclusive Finding Nemo merchandise and collectibles has been announced, allowing fans to immerse their world with Nemo, Marlin, and Dory.

Finding Nemo screenshot with Marlin and Dory
Image: Disney/Pixar

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at these special anniversary collections. From Dooney & Bourke handbags to stylish RSVLTS shirts, there’s something that you will undoubtedly make you say “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

Dooney & Bourke Handbags

Dooney & Bourke Finding Nemo handbags celebrating Finding Nemo 20th anniversary

Disney has given us a sneak peek at the Finding Nemo 20th Anniversary Collection by Dooney & Bourke. While the full collection is set to release on May 22, they’ve teased us with a tote bag with navy straps and a beautiful design featuring Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Bruce, and the Seagulls. Set a reminder to check on May 22 to view the full collection!


RSVLTS Finding Nemo shirts celebrating Finding Nemo 20th anniversary

Another collection set to arrive May 22 is RSVLTS: Finding Nemo Collection. Our first look is of an all-over print that features the Seagulls, and we’re thrilled to see that it comes in both adults and kids sizes! We love matching Disney outfits! The full collection drops May 22 on

Loungefly Backpack

Loungefly Finding Nemo backpack with Nemo, Marlin, Dory, and Squirt in bubbles

Loungefly has released their Finding Nemo 20th Anniversary Bubble Pocket Mini Backpack. Each bubble features a character from the film and functions as a zippered pouch. Can’t burst your bubble on this backpack! The best part? The jellyfish glow in the dark!

Finding Nemo Shirt

Finding Nemo all-over print shirt featuring Bruce, Crush, Squirt, Nemo, Mr. Ray, and Dory

The Finding Nemo 20th Anniversary Bubbles Unisex Ringer Tee from Loungefly is made of 100% cotton jersey. This all-over print tee—aside from being a serotonin boost—features Bruce, Mr. Ray, Crush, Squirt, and Dory and comes in sizes Small to 3XL.

Hallmark Ornament

Hallmark ornament for Finding Nemo featuring Nemo and Marlin in the coral reef

Collecting Disney ornaments is a tradition for so many Disney fans. Hallmark is set to release their Finding Nemo 20th Anniversary Marlin & Nemo Ornament, and it captures the sweet bond of the father and son. There is a rubber grommet in the back that allows you to insert a string light for an optional glowing lighted effect. This ornament will be available on July 15 on

Trading Pins

Amazon Exclusive Finding Nemo 20th Anniversary Pin

Marlin and Nemo collectible pin from Loungefly

Colorful coral surround Nemo and Dory in this stunning Amazon exclusive pin. Being part of Disney’s limited edition of 500 makes this a great collectors item. The pin measures in at 3.5 inches and comes in a collector’s box.

Loungefly Finding Nemo 20th Anniversary Sliding Pin

Finding Nemo collectible pin

This pin is so cute with the peekaboo feature from Nemo as he slides from behind the sea anemone. This pin is 3 inches tall and comes with a collector’s box.

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