Just Dance Happy Meal Toys Are New at McDonald’s for April 2024

Just Dance Happy Meal toys from McDonald's

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McDonald’s is keeping the video game streak alive with their Happy Meal toys, from Adopt Me! to MultiVersus and now—Just Dance. Just Dance is the populat motion-based video game with multiple title releases, and even a Disney spin-off version, Just Dance: Disney Party 2. From April 2 to April 29, 2024, your Happy Meal will come with one of these cool Just Dance Happy Meal toys.

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The complete set of Just Dance Happy Meal toys includes six toys.


Just Dance Panda
Image: McDonald’s


Just Dance Ron
Image: McDonald’s


Just Dance Llama
Image: McDonald’s


Just Dance Dougie
Image: McDonald’s


Just Dance Maloo
Image: McDonald’s


Just Dance Boogiesaurus
Image: McDonald’s

Each toy comes in a box with a sticker sheet and six dance cards. You can use the stickers to customize your character, then place them in the spinner and watch them twirl.

Just Dance Happy Meal toys
Image: McDonald’s

Just Dance, developed by Ubisoft, was first released in 2009 with well over 20 titles that followed, so it’s safe to assume there are some fans out there who are excited to check out these Happy Meal collectibles.

Just Dance Happy Meal toys
Image: McDonald’s

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect all Just Dance Happy Meal toys from McDonald’s! For more fun with Just Dance at McDonald’s, like coloring pages and activity sheets, check out the Happy Meal website.

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