New Happy Meal Toys Feature Disney’s Live Action The Little Mermaid

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We say goodbye to Guardians of the Galaxy Happy Meal toys we enjoyed all month long, as a new collection has been released. In honor of the May 26, 2023 release of the live action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, McDonald’s and Disney have partnered up to bring an adorable set of new Happy Meal toys to fans. From May to June 2023, your Happy Meal will come with one of the eight new live action The Little Mermaid toys.

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Image: McDonald’s

The complete set of The Little Mermaid Happy Meal toys includes all your favorite underwater and “out of the sea” characters:


Image: McDonald’s

King Triton

Image: McDonald’s


Image: McDonald’s

Prince Eric

Image: McDonald’s


Image: McDonald’s


Image: McDonald’s


Image: McDonald’s


Image: McDonald’s

Each toy features its own unique moveable function activated by a rolling gear when the toy is pushed.

  • Ariel flips over her waves.
  • Water swirls in circles around King Triton’s tail.
  • Ursula creates a spinning sea storm.
  • Prince Eric’s boat bobs up and down in the water.
  • Max’s board wobbles side to side over the ocean.
  • Sebastian pops up and down on a little waterspout.
  • Scuttle’s barrel rolls.
  • Flounder goes up and down out of the water.

There’s even an app available on your phone or tablet that pairs with your toy for under the sea fun!

The Little Mermaid McDonald's Happy Meal toy pairs with app
Image: McDonald’s

Now’s the chance to collect all 8 live action The Little Mermaid McDonald’s Happy Meal toys! To see more from The Little Mermaid at McDonald’s, like games and activity pages, check out the Happy Meal website.

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