Ariel’s Sisters: All About the Animated and Live Action Characters

Four of Ariel’s sisters, including two  live action and two animated.

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From the moment we first met Ariel’s sisters in Disney’s 1989 animated classic, The Little Mermaid, they captured our imaginations and left us wanting more. Their fun appearances and unique qualities in the Daughters of Triton scene only showed us a glimpse of life in their underwater world.

Scene from The Little Mermaid where King Triton’s daughters perform Daughters of Trion.
Image: Disney

As the years have passed, our fascination with these mersisters has only grown, leading us to further explore their personalities, relationships, and roles within the kingdom of Atlantica. And now, with the release of the Disney’s live action The Little Mermaid, a whole new world of lore has opened up, allowing us to dive even deeper into their lives—and find a few surprises.

Live action The Little Mermaid scene with Ariel’a mermaid sisters under the sea.
Image: Disney

In this overview, we cast our nets wide to gather all there is to know about the animated and live action characters of Ariel’s sisters. We’ll explore the vibrant personalities and characteristics that make each sister unique. Additionally, we’ll examine how their roles have evolved and expanded from the animated version to the live action adaptation.

So let’s dive into the world of Ariel’s sisters as we explore their roles, personalities, and the differences between the animated and live action versions.

Ariel’s Sisters in The Little Mermaid

Ariels’s sisters, Attina, Andrina, Aquata, Arista, Adela, and Alana against blue background with coral motif.

In the animated film The Little Mermaid, Ariel sisters’ names are Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, and Andrina. The sisters, along with Ariel, live in the kingdom of Atlantica ruled by their father, King Triton. Each sister has their own unique personality and traits.


Attina is the eldest and is known to be wise and acts as the mother of the group.


Alana is glamorous and has a down-to-earth flair for beauty and fashion.


Adella is has a bright personality and is obsessed with boys.


Aquata values organization but lacks grace.


Arista shares Ariel’s love for adventure and can play different musical instruments.


Andrina is known for her sassy personality and sense-of-humor.

Key Moments in The Little Mermaid

Scene from The Little Mermaid where Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, and Andrina are sitting in seashells.
Image: Disney

Ariel’s sisters are seen in the iconic Daughters of Triton musical sequence, where they (attempt to) introduce Ariel.

While their individual stories are not explored in depth in the film, they contribute to the context of the story by showcasing the kingdom Ariel comes from and the burdens that come with it.

Ariel’s Sisters in the Live Action The Little Mermaid

Mala, Indira, Caspia, Tamika, Karina, and Perla from Disney’s live action The Little Mermaid.

Disney’s live action remake of The Little Mermaid introduces a fresh take on Ariel’s sisters, giving them new names and more backstory.

The names of Ariel’s sisters in the live action film are Mala, Indira, Caspia, Tamika, Karina, and Perla. Each sister rules over one of the Seven Seas, adding a new element to the film.

Let’s take a closer look at each sister from the live action remake.


Mala, ruler of the Chaine Sea, stands out for her fearlessness and deep connection to her home.


Indira from The Little Mermaid 2023

Indira, ruler of the Brinedive Sea, leads with generosity. She remains well-informed about her kingdom and excels in debates.


Caspia from The Little Mermaid 2023

Caspia, ruler the Apneic Sea, is notably protective of the coral thriving in her domain and prefers to stay close to home.


Tamika, ruler the Fracus Sea, is a powerful and dominant figure, known for her bold leadership.


Karina from The Little Mermaid 2023

Karina, ruler of the Saithe Sea, is a devoted protector of seals and relies on her intuition to guide her decisions.


Perla, ruler of the Piton Sea, radiates warmth and kindness, using her charisma to great effect.

Expanding the Storyline of Ariel and Her Sisters

Halle Bailey as Ariel in The Little Mermaid.
Image: Disney

The updates made to Ariel’s sisters in the live action remake flesh out their distinct personalities, responsibilities, and relationships with their respective seas. Additionally, each sister’s individual story adds to The Little Mermaid lore.

Differences Between Animated and Live Action Sisters

Ariel’s sisters surround her as she sits in a seashell.

Now, let’s compare and contrast the animated and live action versions of the sisters.

Ariel’s Sisters’ Names

The names of the sisters have changed in the live action version. While Ariel’s animated sisters all had names beginning and ending with the letter “A,” the names of Ariel’s live action sisters doesn’t subscribe to any formulaic naming construct, allowing each sister to have more individuality.

Ariel’s Sisters’ Ethnicities

The appearances of the Ariel’s sisters in the live action version are not meant to replicate the characters as they looked in the animated classic. We can theorize that each sister’s appearance is meant to reflect the culture and environment of their respective seas. This naturally makes each sister more diverse.

Ariel’s Sisters’ Storylines

Image: Disney

The live action sisters have been given more prominent backstories than their animated counterparts. This adds more depth to not just their own stories, but serve to enrich the story overall.

The animated sisters are classic in their Disney charm, while the live action sisters bring diversity and greater character development. It’s fair to say both the animated and live action sisters give audiences a closer glimpse into the kingdom of Atlantica and provide larger context for the tale of The Little Mermaid.

A Summary of Ariel’s Sisters

Halle Bailey as Ariel in an underwater scene with coral and fish from The Little Mermaid.
Image: Disney

While Ariel’s six sisters have never been featured as prominently as Ariel, they have not gone ignored. Their short but attention-grabbing appearances have left audiences wanting to know more about each mermaid.

In Disney’s animated classic, we get to know the sisters through their singing performance. In the live action remake, each sister’s backstory has been expanded upon while also giving them updated names and ethnicities that represent their individualized story.

No matter who your favorite sister is from The Little Mermaid, each one offers a unique look and personality that every Disney fan can appreciate!

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