Regal Popcorn Buckets From Movies Released in 2024

Regal popcorn buckets

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Collectible popcorn buckets have become the hottest thing in the world of movie-themed collectibles. These functional pieces of memorabilia have taken theaters by storm, so we’re making a list of Regal popcorn buckets from 2024.

If you’ve ever wanted to eat popcorn out of a Ghostbusters trap or Garfield’s head, the movie popcorn bucket trend is right up your alley. This year’s crop of collectible popcorn tubs was so big that we created an overview of movie popcorn buckets released in 2024 to help you sort them all out.

2024 Dug Popcorn Bucket
Image: Disney

Unique popcorn tins aren’t just exclusive to movie theaters. Disney popcorn buckets have been offered up in several of its parks and resorts for well over a decade. These range from buckets based on beloved Pixar films like Up and Coco to ones shaped like the infamous Star Wars villain Jabba the Hutt. 

With so many different ways to enjoy popcorn, there’s never been a better time to be a fan of the popular movie snack!

Regal Popcorn Buckets

When it comes to movie popcorn buckets, Regal often keeps it simple. The theater chain has offered collectible metal/plastic popcorn buckets for most of the major blockbusters of the last five years.

Regal Barbie popcorn box
Image: Regal

While most of Regals movie-themed popcorn buckets are just that—buckets—it doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally go for something more outlandish like their competitors. Regal’s Barbie popcorn bucket was a mock-up of the famous box that Barbie dolls usually come in, a pink rectangle with a big window on the front.

2023 Regal TMNT Ooze popcorn bucket

This unique piece of Barbie memorabilia was one of the few gimmick buckets that actually functioned as a decent popcorn holder. The chain did something similar for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem with a second collectible popcorn bucket shaped like one of the famous ooze canisters.

If those sound fun, just wait until we show you Regal’s 2024 collectible popcorn buckets!

Mean Girls Popcorn Bucket

2024 Regal Mean Girls popcorn bucket
Image: Regal

Dig in losers. We’re eating some popcorn! Regal’s Mean Girls popcorn bucket can be summed up with one word: fetch! This collectible bucket based on the new musical update of the classic Mean Girls story is covered in memorable phrases from the movie, like the above-mentioned “Fetch,” along with objects like Regina’s tiara and Gretchen’s cat ears.

When it comes to the shape, the Mean Girls popcorn bucket is, well, bucket-shaped. The traditional round design might not seem as fun as some of the other entries on this list, but it’s definitely one of the most functional. Plus, it makes it super easy to share your popcorn with the other Plastics. 

Release Date: January 2024

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Ghost Trap Popcorn Bucket

2024 Regal Ghostbusters ghost trap popcorn bucket
Image: Regal

Regal’s first Frozen Empire-themed movie popcorn bucket is based on one of the Ghostbuster’s iconic ghost traps. This collectible popcorn bucket was crafted to look exactly like one of the rectangular boxes the team has used to catch ghosts since the first Ghostbusters. Regal’s Ghostbusters movie popcorn bucket looks so good it could almost double as a prop from the newest film. 

The popcorn goes exactly where you would expect it to—in the trap—making this the first and probably only time we would suggest sticking your hand inside a positron collider.

Release Date: March 2024

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Firehouse Popcorn Tin

2024 Regal Ghostbusters firehouse tin popcorn bucket
Image: Regal

Regal’s second collectible Ghostbusters popcorn bucket is shaped like the iconic Ghostbusters firehouse. The Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Firehouse Popcorn Tin features the new Frozen Empire logo on two sides, while the others feature a mock-up of the Firehouse entrance complete with a tiny Slimer looking out the window.

The Ghostbusters Firehouse popcorn tin is a unique way to store your delicious theater snacks, and the accompanying lid—aka: the Firehouse roof—is perfect for keeping pesky food thieves like Slimer away from your popcorn.

Release Date: March 2024

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Mini Puft Popcorn Bucket

2024 Regal Ghostbusters Mini Puft popcorn bucket
Image: Regal

When you want some popcorn, and you want it served by a cute little marshmallow person, who you gonna call? Regal! The theater chain’s Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Mini Puft Popcorn Bucket comes in the form of one of the movie’s adorable Mini Puft creatures holding a big white bowl of popcorn. The lovable little imps are designed to look like the original Ghostbusters’ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man character, only smaller and much less threatening.

If you want a charming paranormal marshmallow to hold your popcorn for you, there’s really only one option: Regal’s Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Mini Puft Popcorn Bucket.

Release Date: March 2024

The Garfield Movie Collectible Popcorn Bucket

2024 Regal Garfield popcorn bucket
Image: Regal

If you hate Mondays but love Garfield, then boy, does Regal have the perfect movie popcorn bucket for you! Like most Garfield Movie-themed collectibles, the Garfield Movie Collectible Popcorn Bucket is based on a younger version of the orange tabby than we’re used to seeing. This is because the Garfield Movie heavily features everyone’s favorite cartoon cat when he was still a wee kitten. 

The collectible popcorn bucket is shaped like Garfield’s head, complete with a set of big, wide eyes and a head that doubles as a lid that. If you’ve ever wanted to eat popcorn from an adorable little furball, you can’t go wrong with Regal’s Garfield popcorn bucket.

Release Date: May 2024

Inside Out 2 Anger Popcorn Bucket

Inside Out 2 Anger popcorn bucket
Image: Regal

The Inside Out 2 Anger popcorn bucket from Regal Cinemas takes the shape of one of the funniest Inside Out characters. Anger is seen with his signature aggro-look, clenched teeth and all. But one of the coolest elements of this bucket is that his flaming hair appears to actually glow. Talk about sparking joy!

Get more details from our post all about the Anger popcorn bucket.

Release Date: June 2024

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